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Block Paving Cleaning & Restoration
Block paved driveways can make a fantastic first impression to any home.
All too often though, after time block paving can be subject to many unsightly problems including, weeds, moss, slippery algae, lichen's and many other types of general dirt & grime.
Pristine Paving can offer a cost effective specialized service that not only cleans your block paving, but fully restores it back to it's former glory. 
Our professional cleaning equipment is specifically designed to undertake this process thoroughly and efficiently, without causing unsightly surface markings associated with conventional 
domestic jet washing.

Once any moss or weeds are fully removed from within the joints, any lichens, algae, liverworts or stains are removed from your block paving surface and the original colour restored, we allow the area to fully dry before re-sanding all the joints by hand with a high quality kiln dry sand.  This stabilizes the blocks and helps to leave your driveway with a newly laid appearance.


Once your paving is fully restored, a protective sealant can be applied if desired.  Sealing can enhance the colour of the blocks and prevent staining which will help to keep the area looking great. Sealing a block paved area also helps to bind the jointing sand and reduce weed growth, however it will not entirely prevent the build-up of weeds, moss and other detritus over a period of time.  If dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate on top of a surface, the weeds will quite happily take up residence, regardless of the sealant.  The benefits of sealant usually last between 1-5 years, and can vary depending on the type of sealer, amount applied, type of paving blocks, width of joints, location of the area i.e. sun vs. shade, vehicle traffic etc.
To discuss sealant options and suitability please call us for more detailed information.

Sealing your block paving will not guarantee a weed free, ''no maintenance'' solution
this is why Pristine Paving offer a special maintenance service, as an alternative solution to sealing your block paved area.

Maintenance Service

After many years of restoring block paving, Pristine Paving has found that regular maintenance is key to obtaining an immaculate paving appearance all year round.  We can offer a  maintenance service package to help keep your block paving looking pristine.
This includes weed removal & control treatment, jointing sand replenish (if necessary) and a professional anti-viral and anti-bacterial disinfectant wash to help keep moss, lichen and mould at bay.                                
We recommend this maintenance to be carried out every six months. 
Pristine Paving can offer this service
from only £39 which over a period of time, can be a far more cost-effective alternative to sealing the area, considering the initial costs involved with premium sealants. 

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