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Q. What does the Driveway Cleaning & Restoration process involve?
A.Our driveway cleaning and sealing service consists of a four stage process which includes:

Stage 1 - Weed Treatment
If weeds are present then we recommend treating the area with a pet/child friendly weed killer, this would ideally left for around a week prior to cleaning.   

Stage 2 - Rotary Surface Clean
A thorough professional clean of the area using the latest rotary cleaning system, which removes the build up of moss, weeds, weathering grime, stains and algae. The high-tech design of our low level rotary cleaner keeps the mess under control and away from adjacent areas
Stage 3 - Kiln Dried Re-Sanding
The re-sanding process uses "Grade A" kiln dried sand.
This is brushed into the joints, adding to the stabilisation of the blocks.
Stage 4 - Premium Protective Sealant Applied
Coating the block paving with a premium clear matt, satin or gloss protective finish. The sealant is applied in a two-coat application. This application has the following benefits:
• Enhances surface colour
• Inhibits weed, moss and algae growth
• Prevents penetration of dirt, oils and fuels
• Helps to prevent sand loss*
• Reduces colour fade with UV shield
• Increases life span of the driveway
• Protects from frost damage

* Dependent on joint width dependent and sealer type.

Q. Will sealing stop weeds from growing?

A. A good quality sealant will help prevent weeds settling into the pavement structure. However, even the very best sealant cannot prevent the build-up of detritus, and if this is allowed to accumulate on top of a surface, the weeds will quite happily take up residence, regardless of the sealant. Only regular maintenance will keep those weeds at bay.

Q. Can you offer an alternative solution to sealing that will keep my paving weed free?

A.  The vast majority of weed growth begins from seeds landing on the surface with the roots growing downwards into the paving joints.
Therefore only regular maintenance will help keep your paved area free from weeds, and this includes regular sweeping of the area to disturb any newly emerging weed growth before they set their roots down.  Weed killers/ weed control chemicals can be used; we always recommend environmentally friendly products are used and avoid washing off into planted areas. Always follow the guidelines for the product you use.
Pristine Paving offer a special maintenance service to help keep your paved area looking pristine all year round - for more info see our Block Paving page!
This can be a much lower cost alternative to sealing.

Also available for block paved areas is a new environmentally friendly joint-filling material, which is a mix of various low nutrient, kiln-dried minerals. The naturally high pH value of this unique mix creates almost desert like conditions within the joints, which inhibits weed growth and germination. Please contact us for more information.

Q. How much does your Driveway / Patio cleaning service cost?
A.This depends on the size of area to be cleaned.  Our pricing structure means that the price per square metre is reduced as the size of the area is increased.
The average size of a "one car" block paved driveway is around 25 m.sq, so a rotary power clean and kiln dried re-sand on an area this size would cost just £87.50.
An average sized patio of 20 m.sq, would cost just £60 to carry out a professional rotary surface clean.
Please refer to our Price Guide page for more details.
We offer all customers across Sussex a free no obligation quote upon survey.
Q. Do you need access to power and water?
A.All our machines are petrol and diesel powered so no power supply is needed.  We ideally connect to your external water tap if possible, however do not worry if you do not have an outside tap as we carry our own back up water supply suitable for cleaning areas up to 40 m.sq.
Q. How long will the work take?
A.  Areas of up to 150 square metres can usually be cleaned within one day, although a follow up visit may be required to complete the kiln dried re-sanding process.
If the area is to have protective sealant applied, then this will normally require a second visit, to ensure the area is fully dry before the application of the sealant.
Q. Are you insured?
A.Yes, we are fully insured for all types of public liability

Q. How will my paving look after cleaning?

A. With various types of paving and having been weathered differently, it's difficult to say without first making an inspection and even sometimes until we start the cleaning process.
If you are unsure how your Driveway or Patio will look after cleaning, then Pristine Paving is happy to offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION*.

Call today to book your free demonstration,
see how Pristine Paving could transform your property!
 *Maximum FREE DEMONSTRATION area cleaned 1 metre squared.

Q. Will there be any mess?

A. We use Mosmatic rotary cleaning equipment which helps to keep any mess contained whilst cleaning, however a high pressure wash down of the area is generally required afterwards to remove any stubborn weeds or dirt.  Any mess created by the pressure washing is cleaned away during and after the cleaning process, making sure the area being cleaned and any adjacent areas are left clean and tidy. 
Any sand, dirt or vegetation waste left by our deep cleaning will be removed by us, free of charge.     

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