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Imprinted Concrete Sealing & Colour Restoration

Pristine Paving can provide a professional service to clean, seal and restore the original colour of your imprinted concrete surfaces.

Imprinted concrete is very durable and requires less maintenance than block paving, so is now frequently chosen by homeowners when they are considering a new driveway or patio to be laid. However, it should be re-sealed every 3-5 years and if this is not done, it can lose some of its original colour due to sunlight exposure and general wear. If it is left too long and the bare concrete starts to show through, this can make the restoration process even more challenging.

We pressure wash the imprinted concrete first and then leave sufficient time for it to dry out before sealing the concrete with multiple coats of SmartSeal imprinted concrete sealer to create the desired 'wet look' finish. If some aspect of re-colouring is required, this is done at the same time, with the coloured pigments mixed in and applied with the sealer.

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Some examples of our imprinted concrete refurbishment service

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