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Indian Sandstone Cleaning
and Sealing
Indian Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock formed around 350 million years ago from small grains of minerals, quartz and feldspar. 
These deposits settled layer upon layer at the bottom of shallow seas or lakes and over millions of years formed solid rock.
Indian Sandstone is a beautiful hard landscaping medium suitable for paths, patios and even driveways.  As with all external paving,
Pristine Paving can clean, restore and protect your investment.

Cleaning Indian Sandstone

Pristine Paving is experienced in the specialised cleaning of
Indian Sandstone, and believes great care should be taken when cleaning this type of paving due to the delicate type of minerals it is formed from.

Natural Sandstone should only be cleaned using water, and under no circumstances should any type of patio cleaner be used.  This is due to a possible reaction between the acid and chemicals within the patio cleaner and any iron deposits within the Sandstone, which can cause staining and
colour changes to your paving.

 The fine layers of sand/quartz which make up the Sandstone can absorb dirt, grime and algae deep within the paving. Non professional cleaning with a standard high pressure-jet washer should be avoided, as the angled single jet of water can penetrate the stone unevenly, leaving your cleaned paving with unsightly and unnatural markings.
This is why Pristine Paving uses the latest Mosmatic rotary cleaning equipment which ensures your Sandstone is gently cleaned to the
highest standards possible, but
without causing damage to this beautiful natural type of paving.

Protective sealer for Indian Sandstone

Pristine Paving recommends Protective sealer for all newly laid
Indian Sandstone.  The protective sealer can help to stop dirt, grime and algae penetrating into the fine layers of sand/quartz of which the
stone is constructed from.
This dirt and grime that builds up over time, can cause staining which
can be difficult to totally remove.


Sandstone Protective Sealer is available in
  • Stain Resistant
  • Colour Enhancer or Invisible
  • Resists algae growth
  • One coat

Indian sandstone sealer is a low viscosity prepolymer surface sealer available as a colour enhancer or invisible seal.
It's penetration comes about by solvent evaporation, polymeripheric moisture.  It incorporates a completely unique moisture curing system.  It's function is to bring about the enhancement of Indian Sandstone and other forms of natural stone.


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