Pristine Paving - Exterior Surface Cleaning

Patio & Paving Refurbishment 

Pristine Paving can clean and restore your old patio area for a fraction of the cost of a brand new patio. 
Below is a patio that was fully restored by Pristine Paving. 

The patio surface was fully cleaned using our High Pressure Mosmatic Rotary cleaning system, this removed all the Moss, Algae and Lichens from the surface leaving the weathered slabs looking almost brand new again. The process also removed Moss and weeds from within the joints where the pointing had previously eroded away over time.

Once the area had fully dried, any remaining pointing was removed, leaving the joints between the slabs clear, ready to carry out the re-pointing process.
Each joint was deeply filled using a strong mortar mix, leaving the patio with not only a newly laid look but keeping the patio stable and weed free for many years to come.

If your patio requires just a basic clean or a full refurbishment, call us today to arrange a free no obligation quote.

Before & after full patio refurbishment by Pristine Paving

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